Maximum Calorie Day 2007 - Round One

Current Competitors: AJ, Doug, Erik, Jordan, Pete, and Tim.

Round One: Breakfast from Qdoba

A 1500-odd calorie Qdoba Breakfast Quesadilla, and four cans of A&W Root Beer. Total calories? More than the USRDA for an entire day.

The day began with a spicy sausage quesadilla that tipped the scales at more than a pound, and was washed down by four cans of A&W root beer per participant. Each contestant started strong; so stongly in fact that this slightly-tardy reporter/judge found only (mostly) empty dishes and satisfied looks. However, not everything went smoothly: Erik disliked his quesadilla so much that he only finished two-thirds of it, and forfeited. So at the end of round one only five remain. And the going will get tougher...

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