Maximum Calorie Day 2007 - Round Two

Current Competitors: AJ, Doug, Jordan, Pete.

Round Two: "Lunch" from Culvers

AJ, the organizer, creates a devastating lunch: Over 2,000 calories of chicken dinner, topped by more than another 1,000 calories of concrete shake.

At the beginning of round two, we had a surprising event. Tim, complaining that he hates dark meat, chickens out of the planned lunch and just guzzles root beer for the rest of the day. We are down to four competitors, and all of them are showing some signs of distress when confronted with a half-chicken, a mound of fries, an incredibly dense roll, a tub of beans, and a killer concrete shake. Together it is enough food for a day and a half, and our contestants undoubtably wished they had that much time to eat it. However, per the contest rules, they have one hour.

Our heroes dig in. Well, really, most of them stare at the food glumly. Pete looks cheerful but has slowed considerably, and this reporter doubts that Jordan's expression could meet even the most liberal interpretation of cheerful. AJ starts gamely and keeps a good pace, and Doug matches him but has to work at it harder:

Doug and Jordan start round two.

Doug finishes his food,
but struggles with the shake.

The remnants from Doug and AJ.
Note Doug's arm over his stomach.

Both AJ and Doug, strugglying manfully, manage to finish their entire chicken dinner plus shake within an hour. However, for the next two hours Doug wanders around with one arm pressed to his stomach. Pete and Jordan also manage to polish off their dinners, but simply cannot force the incredibly heavy and thick Concrete Shake down their gullets in time. Unfortunately both must forfeit, but vow to still go to dinner. Now there are but two...

Pete, still cheerful, cannot finish his shake within the hour, and forfeits.

Jordan, not really cheerful, also gets stuck on the shake and forfeits.

Doug barely survives lunch.

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