QuadBulls Shooters

What are the QuadBulls Shooters? We are a group of mostly-Quaddie gun enthusiasts who like to get together every few weeks and punch holes in paper using very fast, reasonably expensive hole-punching tools called "bullets". There are no memberships, no tests, we barely score and don't bother with lots of rules. Instead, we make bits of expensive metal go from clean and shiny to dirty and smelly in about an hour or so, after which we clean and shine them once again.

What, you smack little white balls with clubs, chase them down, and then whack them into holes with flags in them? Why? If you want to kill them, why not just shoot them?

So far we have settled into a shooting day every few weeks, with some simple rules: (1) for competition targets, fire 10 shots at (if not in) a small bulls-eye from about 20-25 feet, and (2) using some standard scoring rules, your best three target scores are totalled, and the wiener of the day gets to buy the first round of beer at Fuzzy's. The losers are usually given sarcastic suggestions and offered shotguns for the next go round. Here are our results to date:

Date Participants
Best Score
December 12th, 2009 Bryan W., Josh F., Mark S., Rick L., Ron V., Sandy B.
Rick L.: 255 (85.0%)
February 6th, 2010 Bill W., Jon G., Josh F., Mike W., Rick L., Sandy B., Tim H.
Sandy B.: 258 (86.0%)
April 1st , 2010 Bryan W., Damian D., Jon G., Josh F., Paul S., Rick L., Sandy B.
Damian D. and Rick L.: 258 (86.0%)
May 1st, 2010 Bryan W., Josh F., Paul S., Rick L., Sandy B.
Rick L.: 268 (89.3%)
October 9th, 2010 Bryan W., Jon G., Josh F., Krysztof M., Rick L., Sandy B. (standard clays)
Bryan W., Mike W., Rick L. (sporting clays)
Rick L.: 18 (72.0%)
Mike W.: 35 (70.0%)
October 14th, 2010 Bryan W., Damian D., Josh F., Krysztof M.,Rick L., Sandy B., Tim H.
Sandy B.: 268 (89.3%)
February 19th, 2011 Casey N., Jon G., Josh F., Josh R., Sandy B., Tad M., Tim H.
Casey N.: 285 (95.0%)
(visiting competitive shooter!)

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Want more data? Here is the shooting trends chart.